Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TED Book Club

One of the benefits of being a TED attendee is that you belong to the TED Book Club, which sends out several mailings a year of interesting books. They cover an eclectic range of topics, and, although I haven't read all of them over the years, I've enjoyed the ones I've read. Some people have shown interest in learning about the books in the Book Club, so I thought it might be worth publishing them in this blog. Today, I received a package, containing:

A copy of the October 13 issue of TIME, with a cover story on Extreme Drug Resistant TB. james Nachtwey, the photographer behind this photo essay won the TED prize in 2007. The TED prize entails a cash prize of $100,000, but the most exciting part of the prize is getting the TED community to help fulfil a wish of the winner. Nachtwey's wish was to complete a photojournalism sotry on EDR TB, which is raging through the world, yet was getting less attention than it deserved. Hitting the front page of TIME fulfilled Nachtwey's wish. You can find out more about Extreme Drug Resistant TB at XDRTB.org.

What Matters - The World's Pre-eminent Photojournalists and Thinkers Depict Essential Issues of our Time. To give you a sense of the book, here are the chapters:
  • Meltdown - on global warming
  • Economic Miracle, Environmental Disaster
  • Thirsty World
  • Fallout - about Chernobyl
  • Images on Genocide
  • The Scorched Earth of Darfur
  • Global Jihad
  • Bitter Fruit - buying American dead from Iraq
  • The Bottom Billion - ending global poverty
  • Shop 'Til We Drop - consumer culture
  • Children of the Black Dust - child labour in Bangladesh
  • Lost Girls - child brides of Afghanistan, Nepal and Ethiopia
  • The Price of our Oil Addiction - scenes from the Nigher River Delta
  • The Greatest Migration - third world moves to the city
  • The Fence - America's Immigration Crisis
  • Infected or Affected - curing AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The End of Malaria?
  • What One Person Can Do - amazing life of Abful Sattar Edhi
  • What You Can Do
Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presetations. The title says it all. I've quickly scanned this book and it looks quite fascinating.