Friday, July 16, 2010

TEDGlobal 2010

I've just finished 'attending' TEDGlobal via live webstream. Despite some uncharacteristic technical glitches by TED, the experience was great. Participating in an actual TED far exceeds the experience of listening to talks one by one on the site. The continuous stream of high-quality talks puts your head into a new gear. There must be some biochemical reaction!

There were some great talks I will be reporting on soon. But first a quick explanation for the long silence. Yes, there was a heat wave, which required much swimming. Yes, there were many guests at our cottage to share the good times. And yes, there was lots of work as curator of TEDxIBYork. But mostly, there was no g. That's right - no g. My computer's g key failed. I could cut and paste g's in most of my work. But not in this blogging software for some reason. I tried to avoid the g, but it just didn't work.

At any rate, the keyboard's been replaced. I had bought an extended warranty with my Lenovo computer (a purchase supposedly relegated to suckers), which covered maintenance at my site for 3 years. Sorting out the warranty registration (which I suspect was my fault for not sending in) took unreasonably long. However, once it was sorted, a delightful young man from IBM appeared at our somewhat remote cottage within a couple of hours to replace the keyboard. You hear so many negative stories about customer service, I thought I should brighten your day with a good one!

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