Thursday, February 24, 2011

TED 2011
Each year, before the conference, TED sends out a booklet with attendee names, titles and pictures.  I just skimmed the this year's book and I got fascinated with the titles.  There was a plethora of CEOs, Founders and Investors, Artists, Designers, Scientists, and Philanthropists. As you would expect. 

And there were a few titles that were somewhat unexpected.  Well, maybe not entirely unexpected at TED, maybe more whimsical.  Would you like to be the CEO and Chief Old Person at your company?  Or maybe you're more of a Former Overachiever.  Of course you could be a Prima Dreamer or maybe a Poet, Wonder-er and Wanderer.  Being an Attitude Co-ordinator sounds a bit like being a Marine!  Is the Chief Logic Bomber from another branch of the military?  Would you rather be a Troublemaker at Google, or a Disruptor at Troublemaker Inc.?  I think I'd enjoy being an Itinerant Mentor.  Or maybe an In-house Philosopher would be more rewarding.  Some stressful days, I'd just like to be the Chief Clock Winder.  But, in the end, many of us probably just wish we were just plain Expert, John Hodgman's title (the actor who plays the PC in Mac/PC commercials).

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