Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beatrice Coron - Paper Cutter

Beatrice Coron, an accomplished paper cutter artist, swept onto the TED stage in a paper cape.  Later she told me that it was her 'magic cape' giving her courage to address the TED audience.  It worked, because she gave a fascinating talk.

Born in France, Beatrice led an adventurous life wandering from Taiwan, to Mexico, to Egypt, before settling in New York.  She didn't start to do her paper-cutting art until she was 40!

Beatrice cuts intricate designs from paper, and combines her love of puns with her cuttings. I thought it would be more difficult to pun in a second language but Beatrice pointed out that English had lots of homophones and they really caught the attention of a person learning the language, making her more sensitive to puns.

I highly recommend visiting her web site, where you can see a series of cuttings on cities - Water City, Sun City, and then moving on to FeliCity, EgocentriCity, CurioCity, MultipliCity, and ElectriCity.  Above is the cut-out entitled All Good Soles Go to Heaven, and to the left is Dead Beats.

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Susane said...

Very attractive pieces in my opinion!