Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Bengali Detective

The Bengali Detective chronicled the exploits of the Always Detective and Security Agency in Kolkata.  Rajesh, the pudgy, energetic and totally endearing head of Always, has attracted a team of engaging employees who go darting through the Kolkata traffic pursuing cases of product counterfeiting, spousal surveillance, and a murder case that the police aren't taking seriously.  

At the same time, Rajesh is playing with his son and comforting his dying wife.  We see his anguish as they carry his wife's body down from their apartment and build a funeral pyre right at his front door.

And wonder of wonders, the irrepressible Rajesh also submits his team - The Detectives -  to audition for a spot on a Bollywood dance show.  Under the tutelage of a dance instructor, and, arrayed in all the glitter and glitz the TV studio can unearth, Rajesh and the boys take their best shot at making it through the audition.  Rajesh doesn't exactly have the body for a dancer, but you sure can't fault his enthusiasm!  However, his enthusiam wasn't enough to take the team past the audition.

When Rajesh was introduced for the Q&A, he got a standing ovation.  He definitely won over everyone's hearts and gave everyone a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon at the cinema!

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