Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Draquila - Italy Trembles

We've all heard the scandals and allegations surrounding Berlusconi.  The film Draquila - Italy Trembles documents the aftermath of an earthquake which hit the city of Aquila, killing 300 and displacing 120,000.  It is also a scorching condemnation of Berlusconi's actions.  

According to filmmaker Sabina Guzzanti, the earthquake is viewed more as an opportunity than a tragedy by Berlusconi.  Firstly, it diverts attention from the sex scandal swirling around him, and secondly, it offers the a golden business opportunity to call for new housing to be built, with the contracts awarded to his political buddies.  Much is made of the few people who are moved into the new housing, ignoring the plight of the majority who don't get housing.  Berlusconi makes multiple trips to the Aquila area, every one of them a golden photo op.  There's even an accusation that the people in the temporary tent cities awaiting rehousing were essentially incarcerated - they couldn't leave, and journalists were not allowed in.

I found this a good but not a great movie.  

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