Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Boy

I love mystery novels set in Britain.  Even when they're written by a Canadian.  Well, Peter Robinson was born in England and spends half of each year in Yorkshire, but he is now a Canadian.  I've loved reading about his Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks: his keen detective skills, his irreverent attitude to police rules that get in the way of detecting, and his many romances with interesting women. 

In Bad Boy,  with Banks away on a holiday in the US, his partner, Annie Cabbot takes a report from a distraught woman that results in an assault from an armed response team.  Events quickly spiral out of control, putting Banks' daughter Tracy at risk at the centre of the case.  Banks has everything at stake, as he works desperately to uncoil the threads of this case.

As usual, Robinson delivers great suspense, encompassed in smooth prose.  Recommended for some of your light summer reading.

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