Monday, August 29, 2011

Steve Jobs

How sad to see Steve Jobs unable to continue at Apple.  From when he was very young, Jobs has broken all the rules and made it work for him.  I wonder how many university drop-outs have used him as a justification for their actions.

And so the speculation swirls as to what will happen with Apple.  Tim Cook, Jobs' successor, has been written about in very flattering terms, but he's all about how to do business: he's fixed various supply chain problems and been critical to Apple's success in bringing products to market.  Jonathon Ives, Apple's famous and revered designer, is all about how to design obscenely beautiful and usable products.  But Jobs is the one who has decided what to do.  His vision, his passion, his uncompromising expectations, and his micromanaging attention to detail have pushed Apple to deliver only the best.  How do you replace an influence like that?

There's been a lot written about Steve Jobs this week - almost like eulogies while he's still alive, although deeply imperilled.  He's certainly been a significant force in society beyond just business.  He came full circle at Stanford when he gave the commencement speech in 2005.  It's worth listening here for his take on life in general.  You've probably heard the value of telling stories as a way of making your point.  Jobs' three stories prove the point.

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