Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TED Book Club Selections - September 2011

It's Christmas in September again.  The latest books from the TED Book Club have just arrived - bringing tips about philanthropy, the evolution of presentations and how to resonate with your audience, and the importance of explanation in human progress .  Since I haven't read them yet, I can't provide a review, but let me quote from the announcement letter.

In Give $mart, authors Thomas Tierney and Joel Fleishman peer into the decision-making process of major philanthropists.  Case studies highlight the many ways it's done right - and the ways it isn't.  This book is a short, fascinating read, filled with best-practice advice and guiding principles used by many philanthropists.

Nancy Duarte is no stranger to TED when it comes to creating great presentations - she has worked with some of the most effective speakers you've ever seen.  In her latest book, resonate, she talks about how to take your presentation to the next level, and how to establish and keep an emotional connection with the audience.

In his latest book, The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World, David Deutsch argues that all progress is limitless and that it is fueled by our unique ability to form new explanations and drop bad ones in the the pursuit of knowledge.  It's a mind-bending book (in the best sense).

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