Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Law In These Parts

In the Palestinian Territories captured by Israel in the 1967 War, justice is still dispensed under the aegis of military law.  Or is it really justice?  That's the question examined by The Law In These Parts.  The film proceeds through a series of interviews with the military judges in charge of the justice system and questions whether this situation, the longest ever time than an occupied area was subject to military law.

Film maker Ra'anan Alexandrowicz joined for the screening.  He expressed, as have many directors I've seen at Hot Docs over the years, how exhilerating it is to walk into a theatre on a weekday afternoon and see a sell-out crowd to watch their movie.  Another film maker this year cautioned against the assumption that this was the golden age of documentaries, though.  He said it was getting harder and harder to get funding to complete a documentary, evidenced by the long list of funder acknowledged in each film.

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