Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

What a lovely, old-fashioned story.  

Major Pettigrew is an old-fashioned retired army officer, who has recently lost his wife.  He has old-fashioned values of honour and loyalty.  He lives in an old-fashioned English village, Edgecombe St. Mary.  He belongs to an old-fashioned - a very old-fashioned - golf club, full of people with old-fashioned ideas of what Britons should look like.  They should be white, of a certain class, and follow traditional societal conventions.

Among the thatched cottages in the village lives a recently-widowed Pakistani shopkeeper.  She too lives in a world of convention and tradition; they're just different traditions and different values.

Who would have thought that a relationship would blossom between this unlikely pair?  How lovely to share with these characters the unfolding of that relationship.  It's a lovely relaxing read.

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