Monday, July 1, 2013

Morning Visitors

"Come quickly, Jamie", shouted Wayne.  She arrived to see two visitors in our small backyard and terrace: a donkey and a zebra.  She immediately went outside to see them, and they came up to her and nuzzled her, especially the donkey whom she quickly named Oscar.  Animals just seem to gravitate naturally to Jamie and she to them.  She is equally happy petting them, or tickling them under the chin, or firmly commanding them to back off if they get too aggressive in nuzzlilng her clothes.  Amazing to watch.  Zebras are one of my favourite animals, so I was entranced, but Jamie preferred Oscar because he was friendlier.  I quickly named the Zebra Felix, but Jamie thought he should be Mayer!

These animals stayed on the terrace for about an hour, as we oohed and aahed.

We later heard the back story from Marlice.  Both the donkey and the zebra had been brought to N/a'ankuse after being orphaned. After being looked after they were released into the wild, but remain totally tame with humans, and best friends with each other.  Another benefit of being out in this house about 7 minutes from the lodge, as they never visit the main lodge or villa area.  The duiker who visited us the previous day had a similar story.  It's an odd combination of wild animals - they're out on their own fending for themselves on the veldt - and tame - they were raised by humans and totally comfortable with them.

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