Monday, August 12, 2013

The Gleam of Chrome

The Economist, my favourite magazine, has taught me many things about the world,  and it has made me see things I know about through a new lens.  You know - an explanation of something you already understand that causes a penny to drop and suddenly you have a whole new insight.  The brilliant writing is incisive, colourful, and sometimes downright hilarious.

The magic that The Economist weaves with words is repeated in their brilliant graphics.  I knew Chrome was gaining popularity, but leave it to The Economist to show it so dramatically in this infographic of the most popular browsers by country.  

For me, the greatest single convenience is the ability to type in either a URL, or a Google search term and that turned me into an early adopter.  I was certainly in a small minority when I started to use it a few years ago, but I've noticed, for instance, that two thirds of the people visiting this blog are Chrome users, so I wasn't surprised by these stats.  Because Chrome is free, there isn't much friction in its march on the browser market, but the total reversal of market share is nevertheless truly amazing.

Just look at the comparison between 2011 and 2013.  Amazing.

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