Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's in a Word? Handy

Speaking of great German technology words, I also love Handy, for mobile phone. In Canada, we use the silly term cell phone, which describes things from the point of view of the communications provider, who owns the cell tower, rather than the user, who wants mobility. We're at least starting to use the term mobile phone now, but wouldn't Handy be even nicer? Such a lovely double meaning in English, something convenient and something you carry in your hand.

Here's a web page to help you choose your mobile device - the Handy Finder. Note the rest of the page is in German. Is there a rule that when you use one word of Denglisch (Deutsche Englisch) you can only modify it with another word of Denglisch or English?
When I was looking to make sure I had the correct information about Handy, I found this delightful collection of English words used in German. Note that these pseudo English words don't always mean exactly what they mean in English, as with Handy.

I seem to have suddenly had a run on commentaries on Words:
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