Thursday, February 11, 2010

TED 2010 - Reason, Provocation, Invention and Breakthrough

The second day of TED was awesome. I still have a dinner to go to, a special movie screening that's been added, an extra music party, and to pick up my new Nexus Google phone. Besides, if I were to start blogging now, it would be so gushing it might give you indigestion.

My rating system for TED talks runs: Good, Great, Partial Standing Ovation, Full Standing Ovation, and Thunderous Standing O. Admittedly, this is based on entire audience reaction rather than my personal opinion, but I seldom disagree. Today was a day with 7 Partial Standing Os, 1 Full Standing O, and 3 Thunderous Standing Os. And this is a crowd with high expectations. A stirring day, to say the least. And I managed to fit in a visit to Paradise Alley, where they have the wondrous Vosges chocolate and the masseuses!

It's interesting how this year has been just that much more jam-packed that I can't envisage doing the blogging during the actual conference. At least, that's my story - it has nothing to do with age!

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