Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Council of Dads

All parents worry about their children. Will they behappy, healthy, secure, well-loved? And sometimes we worry about whether they'll miss us when we're gone.

For the author Bruce Feiler, this becomes a burning question when he is diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive cancer. He decides that the best way to provide some emotional support for his 3-year-old daughters if he should die is to create a Council of Dads. These are six men that he feels will represent different facets of his personality, each of whom will teach his daughters something that he would have liked them to know.

Feiler gives us an intimate view of his treatment and feelings, and introduces us to the men he asks to service on the Council. This recent TED Book Club selection is a quick read, soft and gentle and not too depressing. I`d recommend this book.

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