Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cleo Paskal Receives Grantham Award of Special Merit

Cleo Paskal, one of our TEDxIBYork speakers, has been recognized with an Award of Special Merit by the Grantham Prize for her book Global Warring (previously mentioned and heartily recommended in this blog). The Grantham Prize for Excellence in Reporting on the Environment was established in 2005 to recognize the work of a journalist or team of journalists for exemplary reporting on the environment.

It was a big year for Canadians in this category. In addition to Cleo winning the Award of Special Merit, Alanna Mitchell, former Globe and Mail reporter, took home the big prize ($75,000!) for her book Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis. The jury described her as 'reporting it like a demon and writing like an angel'. This is now officially on my must-read list.

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