Monday, August 30, 2010

There's a Doctor in the House

Another speaaker is confirmed for TEDx: Dr. Kieran Murphy.  I really enjoyed talking to Kieran to settle the details.  He's a neuroradiologist, and he's also an inventor with over 50 patents to his name.  He's very well traveled - he talked about a recent trip to Kenya for instance - and he particularly focuses on designing simple medical devices that are globally relevant.  Quite a match for our theme What in the World.

Kieran's a fan of, as are his two children, and he uses TED talks in some of his presentations.  As always, it's nice to have a committed TEDster as part of the team.

But Kieran's broad interests don't stop there.  He is a car racer, and the photo he submitted for his bio was taken at Mosport.  I Googled him and saw this report from August 12 of this year:  "Kieran Murphy retook the lead of the Formula Ford B class with his fourth and fifth place finishes in the Class".  So he's successful there too.  He'll be an interesting guy to talk to at the conference!

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