Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coursera's Signature Track

When disruptive innovations arrive in an industry, people often judge their impact by what they see at that initial entry point.  However, those innovations undergo constant improvements, taking them on a trajectory far beyond their industry entry point.

One of the objections to MOOCs is the fact students can't get a validated certification of what they've learned in the course.  Coursera has already taken steps toward remedying that.  There is now a Signature Track which allows you to get certification that you have successfully passed the course.

For the course I'm just starting, Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I have just received a message offering me the option to take a Signature Track, which will get me certification.  Coursera will validate that I am who I say I am in two ways - through video identification as I sit in front of my computer, and by verifying my identity by matching up to my typing pattern.  For this I would pay $69, although I'm given a early-bird discount to $39 for this new feature.  Taking the course without credit is still free.

Coursera has moved swiftly along the path of sustaining innovation.  Those venture capitalists who invested in Coursera are going to start seeing revenue!

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