Saturday, April 6, 2013

Highway Driving in Canada

I've previously written about highway driving in India, and highway driving in America.  Time for highway driving in Canada.

After an enjoyable two months in Arizona, we've returned to Canada.  Most of our children and grandchildren are in the Toronto area and a raft of good friends and we couldn't wait to see them all again.  Skype is only so good!

Rushing along the highway, back in the land where everyone drives substantially over the speed limit, unlike in the US, we were watching the kilometers click away.  Driving in kilometers is so much more satisfying than miles - they melt away so quickly.

After a couple of months in whitebread Arizona suburbs, we started to notice the demographic diversity of Canada, just by looking at the drivers of the cars.  Welcome to the cultural mosaic that is Canada.

We were eager to re-engage with all things Canadian.  The iPod was pouring out Gordon Lightfoot:  all his great hits, starting with The Canadian Railroad Trilogy.   Could you be more Canadian than that?

Hearing Lightfoot sing Carefree Highway reminded us of Arizona, where we stayed close to Carefree and often crossed Carefree Highway.

Our other Canadian celebration was to treat ourselves to a Tim Hortons iced cappuccino.  Well, actually, we jumped the gun a bit on that one and had an iced cap just before crossing the border from Michigan.  Those Tim Hortons outlets just ooze over the border.

Children, grandchildren, friends, kilometers, diversity, Lightfoot, Tim Hortons.  And, oh yes, our own mattress.   The joys of Canada.

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