Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Shorts at Hot Docs

More short films:

The Impermanence of the Ordinary
Patrick Cummins has been photographing ordinary buildings in Toronto since 1968.  His 40,000 images capture the changes in buildings he's photographed multiple times over this period.  Fascinating - encourages one to seek out Cummins' photos and to look at Toronto with a more discerning eye.  Catch the film if you can.

The War at Home
Medium good film about one Canadian solder returning from Afghanistan and fighting to cope with PTSD.  It highlights the troubles in getting help and Dupree's efforts in founding Military Minds to foster PTSD awareness.

The Barrel
Medium good film about children playing in Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela near the oil rigs, and preparing for a paddling race in empty gasoline containers.  Some very nice photography and the child involved has a winning smile and a great attitude toward life.  I didn't think it delivered a well articulated 'punch line'.

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