Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring and Arnaud

This delightful film introduced me to two photographic artists I didn't know: Arnaud Maggs and Spring Hurlbut.  (It's not that they're not well known; it's that I was ignorant).

Maggs is best known for his photographs arranged in grid-like patterns.  He took many photos of people in profile, and even a series of right ears, which he then arranged in a grid.  His fancy might take him down a different path, taking photos of the tags identifying French child labourers.

Meanwhile, Spring Hurlbut was also photographing whimsical collections of such things as old iron French cribs.  Her fascination with death as well as sleep is epitomized in her photographs of the swirls of particles emanating from urns.  Started as a memorial of her father, others have asked for such photographs as memorials.

Besides awakening to their fascinating art, it unveiled a happy partnership between two people deeply in love with each other as well as their art.  Twenty six years difference in age, but a total compatibility in artistic respect and companionship.  Maggs is a hugely mischievous personality, while Hurlbut is quieter and a hesitant speaker.  They were good together.  A lovely film.

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