Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top Ten Articles from The Economist in 2015

Any reader of this blog knows my admiration for The Economist. I'm not exactly subtle. Not sure if this is a no-no, quoting verbatim a piece from the magazine about their top stories of the year. But I encourage you to follow this link to get a brief summary of the story, so I guess it's okay. I just found their analysis of top stories so fascinating I've included it below.

A FEW trends emerge from the list of The Economist's ten most-read articles of 2015. The theme of inequality remains top of mind for our readers; articles about Asian-Americans, working-class males and inherited privilege all found their way into the top four. Many articles in this list are amongst our longer offerings, suggesting that readers set aside time to read them rather than snacking on the go. And most of the pieces below are leaders, which tells us that our readers want to know not only what happened but what can be done about it. The top piece, however, is an exception to all these trends: a fascinating science report about a new breed of animal called the coywolf.    

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