Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The E-mail Larry Page Should Have Written to James Damore

James Damore's infamous memo objecting to Google's attempts to recruit women - and thus discriminating against men, he claims - has generated a tsunami of response. It's the latest skirmish in the recent publicity around the discrimination and harassment women face in the tech industry.

The Economist took it upon themselves to pen the response to Damore's memo that Larry Page should have written rather than firing him. I liked it. Read it here.

This hit home for me, since I recently wrote a post about the negative stereotyping of women in tech. Read that post here.


Jane M said...

I have to say, is this seriously happening? I feel like it's worse than when I started in tech 46 years ago.

Lib Gibson said...

I started in tech about the same time as you. The difference then is that there was a dearth of technical people. Companies were desperate to get good employees and were willing to hire any likely candidate - even women! Besides, at that time, the culture had not yet built up its disdain for women.