Monday, March 17, 2014

Handwriting Analysis

TED had a handwriting analysis alcove this year. Given the chance to have my handwriting analyzed, I jumped.  I don't really believe in these things of course, but . . .

I sat down with this lady, as she looked over my handwriting sample:

First words out of her mouth were "You have too much to do". Well, I've been accused of that many times. She went on with other characteristics I'd have to own up to: "curiosity one of the main aspects of my personality", "hard to slow down because I have so many ideas", "find it hard to deal with dullness", "like to take charge", "don't mind telling people what I think". Well, for better or worse, those resonated. She categorized me overall as a Straight Shooter: Purpose-driven with a Punch. I thought that many TEDsters might share those traits, so perhaps it was a lucky guess. However, we were asked to sign under the poster representing our type, and there were names in all the other categories too. Hmm, maybe she might be onto something. 

Then she totally stunned me. She said my handwriting showed I'd recently been very ticked off.  For heaven's sake, had she read yesterday's post? Ticked off doesn't begin to express how enraged I am at US Airways! I couldn't believe it.

Maybe I'll have to rethink my scepticism.


Ben Luck said...

Dear Lib,
Your handwriting analyst gave you a small but powerful insight into what is now called biometric graphology can accomplish. The main business of our company is as a secondary opinion on hiring at major corporations, organizations, law enforcement, and security companies. We are also hired to use biometric graphology for team building (corporate entities and professional sports). As an artful science, graphology is now coming into its own as a tool for knowing others better. We have several biometric graphology sites online, including and soon to come and
Glad to see you are a bit less skeptical (Wiki still calls graphology a “pseudo-science”) and we welcome your interest. If we can answer any questions, or demonstrate the remarkable accuracy of biometric graphology, let us know. Our telephone in New York City is 212-799-9296
It’s a fascinating field and awesomely rewarding when people read what their handwriting shows about their fundamental personalities.
With best regard,

Barney Collier
Graphotechnology, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Lib, I am a trained handwriting analyst. It can take years to get good at it, it is based up centuries of research, Suetonius, the historian in the 7th century I believe was the first to analyze the writing of the men he documented and found similarities in the handwriting of rulers. He knew the men and knew their handwriting so that was the beginning of the research. People are skeptical only from a lack of knowledge. Once they get a little information they soon realize it is more accurate than medical science for conclusions. You do know the FBI uses it to profile and so do employers for job screening. When done well, it is highly accurate.

Sheila Lowe said...

As the other handwriting analyst at the TED event, I was delighted that Linda Larson and I had the opportunity to analyze more than 500 of the attendees over the 5 day event. Considering the many years we've been in practice (more than 40), this was truly a singular event.

Erika said...

As far as i know the accuracy of this science to an extent actually depends on the skill of the graphologist. People who wish to practice handwriting analysis at a professional level should study both gestalt and trait stroke method.