Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cats, Cats and More Cats

After our outstanding view of lions in Chobe, we had a quick breakfast and headed to little Kasane airport for our flight to Maun, known as the Gateway to the Okavango.  We were met by our driver for the five hour drive to Camp Xakanaxa, almost all on dirt road. And horror of horrors, it was an open jeep.  Everything is called a jeep here, although, mostly people drive Toyota Land Cruisers.  Toyota seems to own the African roads and off roads.  Anyway, we arrived at the camp caked in dust.

But before that, our driver took us on a mini game drive.  And what a wonder that was.  We saw wart hogs up close, that we had not seen before.  The kneel down on their protected knee caps to dig in the dirt for roots or to eat grass.  We had an incredibly close view.  

Then, we saw kudu, impala and waterbuck.  A little anti-climactic after our big cat day of 5 lions and a leopard earlier in Chobe, nevertheless, we were pretty content. 

Then the radio chirruped that there was a sighting of a lioness and her young 3 year old male cub.  We hustled over and watched them resting, then walking towards us.  At one point, the lioness walked by and gently touched her head to the cub.  Who knows what the intent was, but it certainly looked like a very affectionate gesture to me.  We sat watching for about 15 minutes, until the lions walked away from us.  Have you been counting?  That makes 7 lions and a leopard.  In one day!  Wow.

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