Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leopard Spots

Leopards are rather elusive animals to see and we have been fortunate to have two sightings.  The first was in Sabi Sands, when a sister vehicle from Elephant Plains alerted us to a sighting.  We drove down the road and there were a herd of impala it was stalking.  We again went crashing through the bush as the leopard walked slowly toward its prey.  It was quite a big leopard and passed quite close to us, before going into dense bush where we couldn't follow. (first picture)

In Chobe National Park on our first morning game drive, we saw another leopard, a rather smaller one, that also passed quite close to our vehicle.  We were thrilled to have a second sighting of a leopard.  We've been truly fantastically lucky.

Here's our Small World story for the trip.  I was rather inept at getting a picture but the lady in front of use had a huge camera and a competent air about her, and I asked if she would share her picture with us.  (my own is below)  She agreed.  Later, we stoppped at a rest stop for hot drinks.  Although not as cold as Sabi Sands, it is still nippy in the morning so such drinks are welcome.  I had Roobius bush tea, that favourite drink of Mma Ramotswe, of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency.  I was stunned to find a rough building with two flush toilets in the middle of the bush, and even more amazing, with toilet paper.  As we chatted around the lone picnic table, the photographer and I discovered that we live a mere 1.5 km away from each other in Toronto.  We plan to get together to exchange photos later.  

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