Friday, June 21, 2013


Driving along a road in the game park, we happened on 4 lions, just lying by the road.  I guess our engine roused them and they slowly opened their eyes and did the most amazing morning stretches.  There were some impala down the road and they slowly ambled toward them withbreakfast on their mind.  The impala were obliviousas the lions hunkered down, watching.

Eventuallythe lions,oved off into the bush to the right, and we tookoff after them, crashing through the bush.  (You're allowed off road for the Big Five, lion, leopard,rhino, elephant and buffalo.). I.'m guessing this is what it feels like tobe ina tank, as we simply drove over saplings if they got inthe way.  Ultimately we spotted the lions again, but didn't see them make a kill.  Boy, did the adrenalin pump as we drove throughthe bush.  Very exciting.

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