Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wild Dogs in Africa

If you're a wild dog and you want to have a pup, you better be the alpha female.  That's the only dog in the pack allowed to have a litter, which will number 15-23.  Any other pups will be killed by the pack.  After the litter is born, the whole pack will swallow food, and then return to the pups and regurgitate it. They are very co-operative animals.

Farmers don't like wild dogs, because they create havoc with their livestock.  One farmer found a litter of wild dogs, and touched the dogs.  After that, the mother will not return to look after them.  A call to Marlisse earned them a home at Na'ankuse.

On our Carnivore feeding tour, we saw them tear apart parts of an Oryx and wildebeest.  We were looking down on them from a viewing platform.  They were like - well - wild dogs!

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